Exploring Erogenous Zones of Goan Call Girls

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Exploring Erogenous Zones of Goan Call Girls

Exploring Erogenous Zones

When it comes to lovemaking, a lot of men and call girls in goa both make the mistake of thinking that the stimulation of genitalia is the only way to turn their partner on.

In many cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is possible to experience arousal via the stimulation of many erogenous zones around the body, of which the genitals are just one. An erogenous zone is any area which has a lot of nerve endings and is therefore highly sensitive to touch. These include the lips, fingertips and nipples to name just a few. Many couples like to stimulate these areas of their partner during foreplay to prepare each other for intercourse. This can be done using hands, the tongue or even with specialised sex toys such as vibrators or nipple clamps.

Any part of the body can provide sexual stimulation if touched in an erotic fashion, as it is the brain which is stimulated during such acts of passion, rather than body parts themselves. The brain releases a chemical called oxytocin when the body is touched in a loving way and it is this which can cause arousal. Some people find it arousing to have their neck, their buttocks or even their feet stimulated during foreplay. It really is about what the individual’s personal tastes are.

By taking the time to explore the erogenous zones of their partner, both men and goa call girls can hype themselves and each other up to the point where they will set themselves up for a much bigger climax than they may have achieved through intercourse alone. A lot of women have been known to climax simply through the direct stimulation of the clitoris, or even the nipples, without any intercourse at all. This shows how satisfying it can potentially be to stimulate these parts of your partner’s body during sex.

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