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Mystique of Virginity

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Girls Love to reminisce over memories, same us men. We tend to look back and enjoy the good memories we’ve done in our life. Hanging out with different girls would be a good experience. Enjoying your life to the fullest, though you might get some consequences in doing that. Like getting STD’s from your partners. Getting a virgin would be the best idea, breaking hymen is a cool thing. Picking up virgins also has disadvantages. For sure there would be two effects in everything we do in this world. We might end up taking the good side or the bad side of it.

Other guys tend to pick non-virgin girls rather than to those who are virgin, just like what I have said it will also have an disadvantage in picking either of the two;virgin or non-virgin. We all have our own preference and freedom to choose on what would we do in our life,  so better be wise in your decisions in life. You can never erase, what you have done from your past. It has happened and no one can change that. Always think twice for every decision you will do.

Reasons why guys tend to choose Virgin girls:

  • An ego booster as a man
  • Somehow safe from STD’s
  • Breaking hymen feels good(though not all virgin still had their hymen)
  • Honor of being the first one to get physical with her
  • getting the authority to do what you want because virgin don’t know what to do
  • The girl would stay loyal(especially for guys who has trust issues)

 Reasons why other men choose Non-virgin girls:

  • The girl knows what to do
  • No extra effort for forcing the girl
  • No need to discuss a lot of things to her
  • Girls are more experienced
We all have our own preference in life, we should just respect each other. We might like something that others don’t, so we should not force someone to like it. You would just ruin or his or her day or maybe their lives if you keep on forcing things, that they don’t want to. Like the example of going to college. Not all students have decided, what course would they take. Some may have their own choice but their parents don’t want it for them, they were forced to take the courses they don’t want. So most of the outcome would be  failing grades from the student or would never go to school or university because they don’t want what their studying, your son or daughter would just be too late in their studies, if you let them get what they want in the end. It is better to talk things out before forcing someone to do what they don’t want.

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